Finding our way around the world

Follow us in our journey, and join us along the way! Here is where we have been so far – keep scrolling for where we plan to go (or at least as far as our plans have reached so far…)

Corona Diversion

On March 16 after consulting those who know this stuff best… we made the decision to put a pause on our current plans and to go to the cold North (Canada) while we made more long-term decisions. We are not yet sure if we will continue our travel plans just at a later date or re-envision all we had planned for this time, but we are incredibly grateful for a warm and cozy place to stay, friends who informed us of all the facts (and urged us to get on a plane ASAP…), and all the great technology keeping us connected! 

Where to find us next...

Our plans before the diversion – which we’re keeping hold of in case we can resume at a later date! 

The first week of January we plan to be in Costa Rica. From there we will go via some Caribbean village or jungle tree house back towards Panama City. January 27th we start our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia. 

We arrive via sailboat to Colombia on Feb 1 or 2 (depending on weather and wind direction) and will spend some time in Cartagena before we settle for a few weeks in Medellin. 

All we know is… Latin America. We were thinking we could route from Colombia via Ecuador, through Peru, Bolivia and maybe Chile and Argentina. We will be making our way back to Peru for our flight out of Latin America mid-May. We like the idea of staying a few weeks in a few places along the way – so far we are thinking we might settle in Bolivia or maybe Paraguay for a little while amongst our travels around South America. 

Back to the USA!! We will head to JM’s part of the world to attend Matthew and Kaitlin’s wedding in May. We are flying back via Florida again, so looking forward to seeing Aunt Sue and hoping for some other visits along the way! 

We will be heading from the USA back to Europe, for more weddings!!! We need to be in Bordeaux by July 4th so we may head that way a bit early via Barcelona, Paris or Amsterdam depending on flights we find! 

July 4 we will be attending the 10 year vow renewals of the amazing Alex and Dominique in Bordeaux. We wouldn’t miss that for the world! (literally, we aren’t.. hehe). Then we will be in Europe (not sure where) until the long awaited Brassil-Fridlund nuptials in Sweden on Aug 8! (with hopefully a stop in Ireland for pre- wedding festivities!)

HANS AND NICOLA GET MARRIED!!! After this highly important event is over… we plan to make our way to Asia. We are thinking Mongolia may be our first stop to see Kevin and Adam – pending their availability! Perhaps via Moscow to see Lidia (if she is around…), and maybe via the trans-siberian railway (if we think we can handle that long on a train). But as before… your guess is as good as ours…

This is as far as we’ve made it in our minds so far. We’re toying with being in Nepal in October to hike to Everest basecamp, and we also plan to be in Thailand in November to see dear friends Daniel and Melly who plan to be there then… and of course we have to visit Margo in Malaysia… and we MUST fit in Mongolia to see Kevin and Adam, but the route and timing…is “all up in the air”, as they say! 

After Asia, we want to head to Africa. We would like to do some conservation volunteering or maybe even UN work. We shall see what opportunities await! We have thought of visiting Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, and Tanzania – but no concrete plans have been made. 

When we figure this out… we may just stop travelling.. 🙂 

Have ideas for us? Want to join? Will you be somewhere at the same time as us? We’d love to hear from you.