Keeping the Conversation going

Since our trip was ground to a halt when COVID-19 closed borders worldwide, we have missed the many conversations that were had while traversing new lands and meeting new and old friends. To keep the conversation going, we’ve decided to start a podcast series to hear stories on topics that have peaked our interest of late. The following podcast series are meant to be a light-hearted, but meaningful, conversation to help connect people through stories. The opinions of the participants are their own and the stories are shared for enjoyment. They are however meant to spark thought and reflection as we, as a society, continue to confront both new and old challenges together. 


Series 1

COVID Stories

We have been separated from loved ones, stuck with those we have committed to love or, in some cases, been introduced to new friends and partners.  Many have lost family or friends, endured sickness, worked tirelessly or have lost jobs. We all however have been given a unique story during this very unique time. We’ve enjoyed hearing how people’s lives have been transformed for the better, and we’ve mourned for those whose lives will never be the same. Economies are cracking and businesses are closing, but at the same time new businesses are being created and new ideas have sparked. This podcast shares some stories of the good, the bad and the never-expected. We hope to see how COVID-19 has impacted people’s lives around the world. It seeks to offer short snippets of complex stories enabling people to share their reflections and how they have adapted to their new realities.

If you would like to share your story or know someone else who has a story to share, let us know! 


Series 2

Minority Report

The objective of this podcast is to learn from a diverse group of individuals who have at some point in their lives, or currently, identify as a “minority”.  While the United Nations Minorities Declaration refers to minorities as based on national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity, a minority can be anyone that self-identifies as “different” from the majority. We often struggle with where this line is drawn, but think the important factor is that it is “Self identified”. 

So we want to talk to all of you who have been in the position of feeling as though they do not fit in across a range of contexts. Its a sensitive topic for sure, but we think its an important one and essential to think through together. As a society, there is strength in finding the power to reflect on our differences as well as our similarities. Importantly, there is purpose in taking steps, however small, to overcome challenges such as racism, gender discrimination as well as socio-economic prejudice.

If you would like to share your story or know someone else who has a story to share, let us know! 


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