Wedding Registry

We are so humbled by the kindness and generosity of so many of you wishing to help us start our married life together off with a gift. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. We regret that we can’t offer you the usual customary practices related to this exciting time in a couple’s life – but we hope you can understand our unique circumstances. Please know we are grateful none-the-less for the thought!

 Given that the two of us are currently attempting to consolidate and minimize our belongings as we soon pack up for a temporary move to England, we have not registered for our wedding. We do have a few options, however, for those wanting to contribute to the start of our new life together!

Option 1: Come visit us, these memories will last forever!

We know how much travel can cost, and we so appreciate our time with each and every one of you. As such, we’ve responded to many people asking what they can get us as a wedding gift “a plane ticket to come see us!” We know that at the current time, travel is a difficult and often impossible ask – so how about just letting us know you promise to come visit us, wherever we land, when travel is appropriate? This would be such a lovely gift!

Option 2: Wait for our celebration in August 2022! (Details coming soon!)

We are planning to celebrate with all of our friends and family once we return from England. At this point in our life we hope to know where we will be living for the next few years, and what you can contribute to our new home should you wish. For those who know us well, you’ll know how much we appreciate memories – so top of our list will be items that represent special places or memories!

Option 3: Donate to a special cause!

We have both taken a unique path in life that’s enabled us to dedicate our careers towards causes that are important to us. We also like to contribute to these causes in our personal lives and spare time. If you’d like to give a donation in our name, please consider the following causes below.


Jon Mark started this year the Jackson Grown Leader Fellowship. You can find our more about this mentorship program for public school seniors in Jackson, TN here. If you’d like to contribute to this program, please contact us to find out the various sponsorship opportunities. 

Medecins sans frontieres/ Doctors without borders

We both are proud to support the work that MSF does both nationally and abroad. To find out more about the work they do and to donate, click here

SDG 13 Logo

We’re both passionate about contributing to improving the state of the world, and we both believe that climate action is a key part of that. Rather than donating money, donate your time to help address the challenges that climate change poses. Some guidance and ideas can be found here.