What we're all about

This site was made for friends and family who wanted to follow our adventures as we planned to travel around the world – but when our trip ground to a halt due to border closures from COVID-19, we decided to re-purpose. 

We’re still discovering new lands as we get to know Canada, but what we’re really missing is all the great people we were meeting as we travelled. So we’ve decided to use the platforms we had started to keep the conversations we had on the road going. Keep an eye on our podcast (coming soon) to listen into these conversations! 


Tiff set off from her home in Canada at the age of 18, moved half way around the world and has been on the road ever since (with plenty of pit stops and visits back home). She has worked at a pizza restaurant in Australia and been a journalist in Peru. She has pruned vineyards in Chile and led stock exchange CEO’s through the United Nations. She is currently writing her PhD dissertation through the University of Geneva exploring how stock exchanges can influence corporations to better integrate social and environmental factors into their decision making process. 

Jon Mark

Jon Mark was raised in Tennessee but holds tight to his Mississippi roots. After university he hopped on a plane to France to see what all the fuss was about and thought it interesting enough to hang around a while. He has slept in a hole with a goat in the Sahara and eaten fried chicken with a US President. He is currently trying to sip local coffee and beer at as slow of pace as possible while reading, writing and working to find the best sunsets the world has to offer. (oh and keeping Tiffany sane on her PhD journey…) 

The together stuff

When JM suggested the idea of quitting work and taking some time to travel the world, Tiffany didn’t even hesitate. She didn’t know he was joking. The two of them approach such life decisions in very different manners (JM like a baseball pitcher, methodical and thoughtfully: Tiffany like a skydiver…), but this has been one of the great joys of tackling this adventure together! More than a chance to take a step back from the grind and re-focus on new passions and ideas, this trip is quite simply a chance to get to know each other better, grow together and hold each other accountable to achieve what each wants out of this year. 

When COVID-19 put a halt on these plans, Tiff and JM were very fortunate to have caught a flight out of Colombia the morning before borders closed, and landed safety in Canada at Tiff’s parent’s place. While it wasn’t what was planned, it has led to a real pause and chance to evaluate their next steps – which was, after all, the purpose of this “sabbatical”. It has also offered the opportunity to discover a country rich with nature and both have enjoyed some amazing fishing, hiking and sight seeing while “escaping” Covid-19 in Canada.